Thursday, December 09, 2004

New Podcast: Aileen (click for mp3)

People From My Town: Aileen
Piano player... marathon runner... odds-beating entrepreneur.
My newest podcast is about Aileen the Coffee Lady.

Direct link to audio file:


At 8:09 PM, Blogger shea said...

dave, this is a really nice piece and a great idea. i first heard "aileen" like a month ago, and i'm always bummed that there aren't more stories from your feed showing up in my iTunes. i say that not to give you a hard time but to let you know that i think it's a good thing. and it's something i wish more people were doing. how great would it be if there were folks across the country peppering the podcast universe with more stories like this from their corners of the world? i think it would be amazing. inspired to get off my ass and finally jump on the podcasting bandwagon, i'm getting close to venturing a similar concept in the coming weeks. i'll drop a post when i get it up and running.

i hope to hear more from the people in your town.

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